Monday, 5 May 2008

PDRacer The new dinghy idea!

This idea came from Micheal Storer in Austrailia, try him at its a step up from a similar shaped well known design but aimed at keeping prices down and not pushing them up,the class rules are simple,make it yourself and dont even think about asking a sailmaker to cut and sew your sail,thats banned right at the start,so is spending too much money,even the plans are at rock bottom price.The nice thing with this boat is it is very family friendly,even mum and dad can fit in this design.We sell both the plans and the PDRacer kits.
May 12th update:
The plans are U$25 we can email them direct to you,please email me for a quote to the kit and its various options

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  1. The PDR is a quite stable and capable boat for use as a tender or as a sailboat in its own right. It is forgiving of builder mistakes, and is quite fast when rigged properly.